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Good Life Ann"Shaklee has been rolling out nontoxic, biodegradable products long before going green was stylish." That's a quote from Time Magazine.

It‘s true, Shaklee has been way ahead of the current trend to go green; the company has been around for many years doing good, green work. Now you can see videos of some of that work -- planting one million trees, products just for babies and children, and the real dirt on clean -- on YouTube! Check it out:

I began using Shaklee’s nutritional products in high school. I was an elite competitive ice skater in high school, putting in 30 hours a week on the ice, going to public school full time, and doing training for injury prevention and repair. This meant practice before school at 5am, and again after school until 10pm many days -- with homework done in the car, using a flashlight, while my mother drove between places. With that kind of grueling schedule, my body and nutrition needed all the help it could get! I have no doubt that my use of Shaklee products helped keep me going, and stay healthy!

As an adult, in my own home, I came to appreciate the home care products Shaklee has for cleaning. The strong smell of other products always bothered me; I used to almost hold my breath as I’d go down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store. Also, the idea of using a product with all sorts of toxic warnings to wipe down counter tops, and then eat off that same counter top, didn‘t make sense. If the product is that toxic, do I want to eat off a surface just cleaned with that product? The answer is no. I want to clean my home with a product that is safe for people, and the planet.

Now, with the attention on the environment and how we treat it, I feel good on the inside from the nutritional products and good about my home and how it’s cleaned. It‘s all part of enjoying a good life!